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This is one of the best places to learn more about one of the top doctors in America.
This description as applied to David Cohen includes "nominating" him to be listed among our "Best and Most Effective Naturopathic Physicians in America.
Should you be looking for the top doctors in or the top doctors in alternative medicine,
perhaps the best doctors in America for naturopathic or ayurvedic or even homeopathic medicine and remedies,
look no further than David Cohen.
How can one argue with the fact that doctors in America are killing and seriously injuring thousands of patients per week just with their errors
(See front page of JAMA in, I believe, Aug of 1998 or thereabouts. They, as well as a similar story in Lancet,
the most respected British medical journal, detail how doctors in America, the supposedly best doctors in allopathic medicine and surgery, are literally killing up to six thousand patients per week in the U.S.

Remember what you call the medical student who graduates last in his or class.

Dr. Cohen has never killed anyone, at least that we know of, chuckle, chuckle.
He uses over 30 years of study and experience, combined with a hugely effective array of advanced technology.
From Bodyscan and QXCI, to Rife and mineral infrared therapy, and so much more,
he is earning his way into the ranks of "History's Top Doctors of All Time." His success rate is simply remarkable.

"Top Doctors" is a stong phrase, and results are the best proof.

Together, his wisdom, experience, technology, and consistent success in healing people
-- whoops, to be more accurate -- his success in helping people to heal themselves --
makes him more of a top doctor than adozen of the top doctors or so-called "best doctors in America."

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This is the Masters and Millionaires project, designed to create tens of thousands of new self-made millionaires,
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Top Doctors Indeed

In this section, called the Best Path To Longevity,brought to you by someone who cares,
we focus on what we would expect all top doctors to focus upon, healing naturally.

Unfortunately, those we often consider to be "top doctors" are only focused on their own enrichment.
As little as three in every one hundred of these so-called top doctors... really ARE top doctors in their fields.
These are noble humans, and are worthy of our applause and appreciation.

Learn more, and live more. MisterShortcut very much wants YOU to live longer and stronger,
for you to live healthier and happier, and wealthier.
Learn more to live more.
Be well.

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