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After reading a book or two each day for fifteen thousand days and beyond and beyond, distinct commonalities of our best role models have demonstrated consistent productivity: Even when it appears that there are no shortcuts for those pave the way, everyone after that has precise shortcuts on what works, and what doesn't work, saving the time, effort, and expense of trial and error.       Recipes work.       the good news is, someone has already accomplished whatever it is you most want to do in your life.      
No one says you have to set world-class goals, just goals that are clearer and more written than the ones you now claim to have in your head.

Listen, this is your life. Mine ended before its time and still it's fair to state that no less than ten thousand days were spent actively involved in pursuing more than a hundred of my favorite activities, from winning dance contests or writing a dozen songs including my first two concertos, to breaking sales records at company after company after company. I heard someone describe to me his experience calling for a reference on me. He'd asked the de facto chief of Slomin's Oil about my tenure as a Manager of Corporate Telemarketing, with responsibility for a division larger than many companies' entire work force. After listening to the former employer expel a minute and more of vitriol with respect to me, the caller interrupted and asked, "Ok, and how were his sales numbers?" to which the decamillionaire replied, "Oh, he broke every record we had." It's YOUR life, and you can look back on it blandly, or look back on your life as a life of action and really great quality sleep as a result of knowing the passions of pursuing magnificent dreams.

Instead of waiting until knowing I'd develop wealth long before my old age, and seeing more value in running faster than anyone rather than owning a dog who could run faster, I decided to take my retirement in chunks throughout my youth. As a result of my youthful circumstances, my youth ended up lasting about 19 additional years. After breaking records at numerous careers, I still don't know what I wanted to be had I ever grown up.

By a huge margin, the undeniable and consistent majority of sharp-minded, active elderly people and those listening to their arteries harden whom I've spoken with or otherwise interviewed, the biggest regrets might surprise you...

Again and again and again you hear the regrets are not for things done, rather, for the things they never did, never even tried to do.

Go for yours. Gorgeous members of the opposite sex or tinkling on the   piano  (takes only one lesson, then a measly fifty to one hundred hours of practice to be able to sing and play thousands of songs and to create your own.

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