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WHY?   Why would one man invest fifty thousand hours on me, refusing to solicit or accept offers of financial wealth?

I hate waste - including the waste of your best performances!  
Considering all of the tens of thousands of minutes you've already wasted, just as we all have,
now it's suggested that you consider using a mere dozen minutes per day, in the pursuit of excellence.

Since you HAVE learned to walk, talk, and tie your shoelaces, three tasks that require thousands of smaller individual tasks brought together, we know that you're capable of virtually anything.

the Best Path To Longevity is my own "century-experiment" in hope of creating hundreds of thousands of masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.

As always, the goal of the teacher is to surpass the teacher's expectations...
which include surpassing the teacher.

The Masters and Millionaires websites, all these hundreds of thousands of pages and more,
by a single pair of hands, and with the help of rather wonderful people like you,
have caused many tens of millions of cups of food to be generated to help feed starving people.

Now, let's develop YOUR best potential and wealth.

Rather than having you pay me directly,
you're expected to feed at least some of those who are hungrier than you.

The greatest shortcuts to success - leaders and achievers - our best role models

Masters and Millionaires Best Path To Longevity To Success
Learn how to succeed faster with the best shortcuts of our winners and role models
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How the Best Path To Longevity is benefiting millions of people around the world.
More of the very best Methods for How To Succeed packed with the most effective success shortcuts known to man. Learning how to succeed in business, or learning how to succeed in school, are similar to learning how to succeed in music, which, not coincidentally, is very much like learning how to succeed in, well, literally in everything and anything that humans do.

Learning how to succeed is more a question of attitude than anything else.
In a nutshell, it means constant attention to one thing, and just one:
R E S O L U T I O N!

Learning how to succeed faster is little more than that.
By keeping one's focus on resolution of challenges,
dissolving or chipping away at various obstacles,
the results in all areas of your life get boosted.
This is by no means only long-term strategy,
it's a way of life that produces fast results.
If your results are now excellent, fine.
Change nothing, results stay static.
Otherwise. get busy today.
Get wealthy, get healthy.
. How to make your dream come true using Excellent Shortcuts to success. PowerGems. Better ways.

It's important to stay focused on the fact that this genuinely is the most powerful day of your life, and it's to your distinct advantage to realize this.
You cannot take action yesterday or tomorrow; it's simply not possible. This is the only day that we can take the actions that promote our interests,
that brings us closer to the achievement of ANY or every desire or goal or wish ... ... or hope.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, which we know because we call it... "the present."
That's just what it is; a present; a gift... a 24-hour gift you may invest or fritter, as you see fit.
Tap into your best shortcuts today, because there is no better day to excel,
no better day to use effective shortcuts to your personal and professional benefit.

Go for your gold!
Again, you're reminded that I believe in you SO MUCH that I invested more than 52,000 hours into you
Fifty thousand-plus hours because you are the hope of the future,
YOU are the force and influence to counteract the greed of just five hundred and seventy-some men and women who own or control some
seventy percent of all the cash on earth, who are clearly determined to keep it for themselves.

You? You're something different, and the majority of people who are tuned into this type of self-enrichment and self-empowerment
tend to be just a bit more interested in mutuality versus selfish pursuits only.

That doesn't mean you can't be selfish.... it just means that people who pursue "better ways," and even, "better shortcuts,"
have shown quite nobly over the years of my life that sharing is good, and a part of your life.

Because of it, you and people like you have engendered my belief that, given a chance, so-called 'average Joes and Janes'
will also excel in the world's of business and money, relationships and mentoring, enjoying the fruits of hard work...
. and sharing them.     Please feed people who are hungrier than you; you'll be amply repaid.
That's a promise.
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Our role models use the best and most effective shortcuts to health an

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- Welcome to all who feed hungrier people... and welcome ONLY to such giving people. Welcome to Masters and Millionaires Best Path To Longevity, the largest webring on earth teaching universal Excellent Shortcuts to accelerated results in every human field of endeavor. No charge. Not until AFTER these methods have dramatically ...
Did you know that ballerinas and bartenders are top-notch teachers?
When we see ballerinas and bartenders as living examples of the Best Path To Longevity, does it not state that we each have it in us?
If struggling young ballerinas and bartenders can make it to the top of their vision, then so can and will you.
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More MrShortcut EyeCandy and PowerGems at the Best Path To Longevity.

Icebergs and the Best Path To Longevity Excellent Shortcuts - PowerGems

Secrets Of The Best Path To Longevity- Giving And Philanthropy

Silent giving is one of the most delicious secrets of all time, thanks to its universality.
Anything and everything that you know to be universal is counted among your profitable secrets.
Anything and everything that you know to be universal is knowing in advance who will win.
For example, if you examine all contestants in a race, and can identify the hungriest,
you instantly enjoy a ninety-nine percent certainty of who is the guaranteed victor.
This is one of those sweet spots in the world of wisdom, meant for who'd be wise.
What goes around must come around, so you have to ask how much you give.
It's not about money. In your head, you have thoughts about helpless people.
Without suggesting which, you care about them, or else you do not, correct?
You have opinions about animals or marine life that suffers from our greed.
Your actions and your mouth are in synchronicity, or they are not. We see.
What you do speaks so loudly you need not flap your lips at us. We see.
We see by what you do more often than any of your other activities.

Even when we do so for the most selfish of reasons, silent service turns big profit.
Of course there's a catch! You have to take it past knowing it into doing it repeatedly.
H. Ross Perot correctly identified the difference between a demonstrator and an activist.
As Perot went from dirt-poor to one of a few with billions in cash, he surely knew better.

He averred that the activist is the one rolling up their pants and wading into the filthy river to clean it.
Whether your actions and your proclamations match, we can see by the actions you most often repeat.
Can you grasp that your seconds literally electrify when you understand that seconds are photographs?
The knowledge of this alone is not enough, for a parrot can repeat the most usefully brilliant of truisms.
Acting upon what you know, even with the tiniest of actions, repeatedly and unfailingly elevate you.

Use the magical PowerGem aimed most at brilliant people, instantly available to you, here, now, and forever,
Your seconds are photographs, and you are both the editor and producer. What do we see in your photographs?
These are the most critical photographs of your life, you know; what you repeat most does and will define you.

Every second, a camera records your thoughts, words, and actions.
After sleep, eating, hygiene, you get 50,000 discretionary seconds per day.
How you treat them determines much of the quality and the quality of your life.
You call them "seconds," whereas the Best Path To Longevity examines the obverse.
Conventional wisdom proves in a majority of occasions to be the lesser choice, so count more.
ALWAYS count more: More opportunities, more minutes, and more seconds that are your images.
Imagine how world-class would be your performance were you paid for your 50,000 best performances!
Rather than considering 50,000 seconds, the Best Path To Longevity urges you to see 50,000 opportunities.
Without exception, a better understanding of your time, and how fast it is going past, empowers the best of YOU.

Did you ever imagine such a thing?
Fifty thousand separate opportunities, and history is counting each one of yours.
Best of all, IF YOU ARE INDEED FORTUNATE, you get fifty thousand more tomorrow. Your best minutes add up.
This constitutes a primer for your entire life. Read it again... and again, until you know it like your name.

Tiny Taste Of The Best Path To Longevity

Make today count: It is literally the one one you have.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, leaving today,
which most humans around the world think of as the present.
A twenty-four hour gift from the Architect of our whole Universe,
made up of 1,440 minutes, or, if you like, groups of your opportunties.
Seize today, and seize this moment, to move yourself forward even one percent.

mr-shortcuts-to-success - success shortcuts of masters and champions at www.success=shortcuts.net, www.success-shortcuts.us, www.powergems.org, and a thousand other MisterShortcut websites. NO MORE EXCUSES!! Today you make the commitment to excel in more of your daily activities. No one can care as much about your goals and dreams as you do.
Description: Icebergs are like the hidden wisdom in the subconscious mind. the Best Path To Longevity
. PowerGems
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Compliments of Masters and Millionaires, The Psychology of Excellent Shortcuts of masters and millionaires champions and billionaires. MrShortcut.
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