Crack the time code with the Best Path To Longevity.

The Best Path To Longevity is about the secrets of masters and millionaires.
Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Best Path To Longevity is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR Shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Best Path To Longevity is free for your life

Secrets and Tricks of Masters and Millionaires, Champions and Billionaires - compliments of the Best Path To Longevity

You would be amazed at how many masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires use this trick. It's fantastic, it's fast, it makes you smarter and more efficient in the same amount of time it takes you to use this secret of masters and champions.

It certainly ranks among the ten greatest shortcuts of all time, one of the success shortcuts that should be taught to every child of school age and repeated through the years.

It is the secret and shortcut of cracking the time code. When you crack the time code, you get to accomplish ten and twenty times as much in far, far less time than anyone imagined, including you. Best of all, the naysayers are cut off before they can speak because, as with all of the PowerGems found within the Best Path To Longevity, this one requires no investment but a few minutes of your time to actually use. ... not to chew over, discuss, validate or invalidate... only to do.

First, of course, is the one and only difficult part, the catch in every great treasure of wisdom, inherent and built into all of the great success shortcuts used by those who achieve world-class results repeatedly. That challenge is to accept that you have less than the tiniest imaginable idea of what time is, or what it's worth. You spend more time trying to get back a hundred someone stole from you than earning a thousand new dollars. Worse, you buy items that only cost a hundredth, yes, a penny on the dollar that you pay, because you've been acting stupidly up until this minute. Oh, forgive the impertinence that does not apply to you. YOU have never paid five dollars for a penny's worth of coffee in a five-cent cup, have you? For sure you've never paid a dollar for a one-penny doughnut that is absolutely and unconditionally guaranteed to instantly disorder your liver, have you? No, no, not you, you can skip past that last sentence, for it surely doesn't apply to you; only to the other idiots who pay fifty and a hundred dollars for what is really and truly a ninety-nine cent t-shirt.

All of the car companies and airlines with their money troubles. The Best Path To Longevity is betting that you do not know that a third of all their expenses, sometimes more, has gone strictly to executives and their pay and the expenses of recruiting and keeping them, even after they're long gone. Trimming this one wide-ranging set of expenses would instantly erase one hundred percent of the competitive woes. Your participation in all of this and support of it proves conclusively that you haven't got even the foggiest idea of what you're missing, or how to go about getting it. That's what the Best Path To Longevity is for, your own interpretation and use of the Best Path To Longevity. It begins with an understanding of time, literally cracking the time code.

The years mean so little. The months mean less, the weeks even less still. For the two or three in every one hundred who are smart enough to actually write their dreams or goals into printed form, years, months, and weeks are useful guideposts to measure progress towards whatever is written on the paper. Not even one in a thousand people get to reach their dreams without having it in writing. You insist that you know better - proven by your action, in this case inaction - even though the people who are outproducing you by multiple factors, some even exponential assure you that you must put your dream in writing, because dreams with deadlines, according to the rules of our language, are no longer dreams. When they have deadlines added to them they become goals. Cracking the time code means having ten, even twenty times more brain-time and real time to invest on getting rid of whatever is between you and what you want, moving past the goal posts of measurement.

Now we come down to those two and three of every one hundred who take these words in. Whatever your background, it's true that your chances of success are far greater when you come from limited means because you have more attitude of gratitude, which is the power underlying the ability to find more opportunities than most people, as a matter of habit. For those two or three in every one hundred who hear the call of the Best Path To Longevity, who feel the swell of impending greatness, crack the time code now. Every minute not spent on either building resolutions or enjoying the fruits are thoroughly wasted minutes. Chats with your neighbors should not exceed ten to sixty seconds. Meaningless conversations have no meaning, except to steal hundreds of thousands of minutes over a lifetime, minutes better spent playing music or singing, teaching a grandchild or grandfather how to play tic-tac-toe, or helping someone somehow, whether it's you or someone else.

Track one hundred hours of your life. As soon as you see that the "eighty percent waste factor" applies to your time, too, that you waste up to eighty percent of all your discretionary minutes. When you're at a traffic light, do you do eye exercises that help people to stop needing glasses? Do you listen to mindless miscreants maundering on the radio in your car, or do you listen to tapes of your own home recordings of your own music? Ever hear of self-empowerment or self-motivational tapes? CD's that pump positive energies out along with the music? Instructive tapes and CD's for new languages or how to buy real estate without using your own money? Stop majoring in minor issues. Up to eighty percent of all your discretionary minutes are wasted. That doesn't mean you never get to relax or have fun. Quite the contrary, a big fat purpose of the Best Path To Longevity is to help you have more minutes for such activities. It's those in-between minutes of waiting, waiting, waiting for the clock to pass by. If you must get stuck in an elevator, practice reciting digits of Pi, the longest number in the world. Here:


Take it with you and practice it when you are in a position of not moving forwards with your goals. Why? Several different powerful reasons to practice reciting Pi. By the time you can recite a hundred digits, two, three, whatever, you will recognize some of the dozen separate brain-boosts you get from this, although you may not ever notice that it also helps to prevent Alzheimer's and other diseases of the mind where cerebral function becomes impaired, much as easting a handful of walnuts and almonds each day promote brain health in a significant way.

The Best Path To Longevity Has A Suggestion

Track one hundred hours of your life. Even allowing for eight hours of sleep and personal hygiene per day, which is an obscene waste of your limited time on earth, but that's your business. Sleeping on your back with your neck slightly elevated is one of many ways to reduce the amount of sleep you need for peak performance. That's another idea for another forum. Let's keep you focused on just one magical secret of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, cracking the time code.

After, say it again, after you track one hundred hours of your life, you can then fairly say you are prepared to understand that your life is not about years, and it's not about months or even much more than weeks. It is about the opportunities that only come once in every lifetime. It is the ultimate in cracking the time code because it works in any and every minute, including the one you are about to experience.

Cracking the time code requires your desire to make use of an opportunity that only comes once in your lifetime. Your chatter doesn't count and doesn't positively influence. Only your actions in this next minute tells us of your current ability to crack the time code and climb deep inside the most magical of all your resources, the only one you cannot do without. You can survive without air for at least a minute, can't you? You cannot survive even a single moment or fraction thereof when you are out of time. It is the one most irreplaceable resource we are given. So, when an opportunity is presented to you that you know for a fact will only come once in your life, can the world, can the Best Path To Longevity, can the people who love you, can you for your own benefit guarantee that you will make full use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? You are asked because this is the minute you get to answer and prove your answer.

Cracking the time code is about the eighty-six thousand separate once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you get every single day.

If you've never laid in a hospital, told that the accident you had yesterday will leave you crippled for life, and you then prove sixteen surgeons each and all to be dead wrong by buying a pair of motorcycles eight years later and alternating their use to and from work and play with two automobiles (all four purchased, registered, fixed up, insured, and made gorgeous for less than three thousand dollars total!).

Cracking the time code is an understanding that you get 1,440 separate GROUPS of opportunities, every single day. They are assuredly once in a lifetime, for every single minute and second and even one-hundredth of a second of every life is recorded and permanent. Whatever your age is, that's how many days and hours and minutes you've been on this earth. No matter who you are, whatever your station or education or angle in life, you can measure to the millisecond how long you have been on this planet. Everything within the confines of time's restrictions is opened up and revealed to you, cracking the code of time itself when you see and feel and get the truth to sink all the way into your innermost thoughts, that each of your daily minutes, all 1,440 of them, packed with more than eighty-six thousand seconds, is more pregnant with opportunity and potential than any other day of your life. Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow is not here yet, leaving only today. Once this day is gone, your clock is stamped, baby, this one-of-a-kind day - one of a kind - will never happen again in your lifetime.

Be more specific if you like. How many New Year celebrations do you think you have left, a couple of hundred? If you're amazing, you might have one hundred birthdays left in you, although truthful consideration would not encourage most people to believe they have quite that many left. So, how many do you feel you have left, and what grounds do you have for believing it? If your diet is not outrgeously fresh and focused on fruit-vegetable combinations, you have remarkably and provably little chance of making it close to your estimation. Even granting you your exaggerations, how many February 29th's do you believe you have left in you?

Until today, you have proven not to understand that your life is not moving, it is highly accelerating to its completion with you still waiting for time to stand still. Unlike baseball games, there are no time-outs. The clock doesn't ever stop. That's why the master runs with the clock, cracking the time code by actually climbing inside of it, running with the clock. One of the mountain tops achievable in the Best Path To Longevity is the investment of one thousand minutes per day into one's greatest passion. Day after day, one thousand minutes with only one rule: each minute must be at least one percent better than the previous. After thousands of days of doing this, the Best Path To Longevity is testament to its effects. If you knew better, you'd do better. Until then, duplicate the actions of those who do. Track one hundred hours of your life. It's an effective high-speed way to learn how to use more of them by understanding each of the six thousand minutes within those hundred hours.


Cracking The Time Code For YOU

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The Best Path To Longevity Shares The Secrets

Use the secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

Since we know these secrets and shortcuts work for masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
what could possibly cause you to think these secrets and shortcuts will not work for you?
Hundreds of thousands of people are changing their lives in this unique minute.
The Best Path To Longevity has taken effect all around the world.
Electrify your results by electrifying how you view your time.
When you view your time accurately, you find more time.
That's when you feel the Psychology of Shortcuts.
That is when you know you're on the way.
That is when you crack the time code.
It's your life, and it's whizzing by.
Crack your time code, today.

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One element of cracking the time code is found in Newton's Third Law of Physics.
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Cracking the time code, cracking the time code, does such a thing deserve its own ode?
The smell of the wind tells us what we came to know,
and it's never been a portion of cracking the time code.

Semaphor the champions, let them know you're on the way,
for the best and least among us, crack the time code every day.

Some discard the value, where others squeeze it out,
with a cracking of the time code leaving champions with no doubt.

The answer sits there undecided, pacing its own road,
when you least expect to see that you are cracking YOUR time code.