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Are you actually prepared to argue with the fact that doctors in America are killing and seriously injuring thousands of patients per week just with their errors? Even JAMA has done front-page stories providing clear documentation that doctors directly cause thousands of death per week. JAMA and Lancet, the most respected British medical journal, detail how doctors in America, the supposedly best doctors in allopathic medicine and surgery, are literally killing up to six thousand patients per week in the U.S.

Remember what you call the medical student who graduates last in his or class.

With so many proven natural methods and supplements available to us, does it not make sense to invest in self, if only by learning more about what works naturally?

Become your own best doctor. So sorry, but the huge respect that we've always had for doctors as vitally important pillars of our community, long deserved, is no longer appropriate.
Should that man or woman be dedicated to healing, they would not be charging the parents of that little girl or little boy so many thousands and thousands of dollars for an hour's work.   Let's get real here, because the actions of greed define the morals beneath the words.

You've reached what is certainly the largest website ever developed,
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This is the Masters and Millionaires project, designed to create tens of thousands of new self-made millionaires,
in order to permanently erase global starvation. A portion of your profits are expected to go into feeding people hungrier than you are.

In this section, called the Best Path To Longevity,brought to you by someone who cares,
we focus on what we would expect all top doctors to focus upon, healing naturally.

Unfortunately, those we often consider to be "top doctors" are only focused on their own enrichment.
As little as three in every one hundred of these so-called top doctors... really ARE top doctors in their fields.
These are noble humans, and are worthy of our applause and appreciation.

Learn more, and live more. MisterShortcut very much wants YOU to live longer and stronger, to live healthier and happier.

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