the Best Path To Longevity believes many of our great healers are found in the mirror

Welcome To The Ways of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC
Great healers in California, great healers in Paris, great healers in London, and great healers through time
become great healers for the simple reason that they help more people than the average doctor.
Can we argue this? They are great healers because they are on top of the list of physicians
who persistently help people to heal themselves naturally, with a bit of outside help.
On infrequent occasions, surgery or pharmaceuticals are indicated immediately..
Counting them as great healers means noting they use drugs, surgery, LAST.
Natural remedies are always at the top of the list, natural medicines,
that most consistently deliver satisfactory results most often, naturally.
Only lack of positive response pushes them to use drugs or surgery.

At the Best Path To Longevity, we look to great healers,
to see what they are using to help people help themselves.
Use your Best Path To Longevity to your fullest extent.
Dr. Cohen wants you to live longer & stronger.
It's so much easier when it's done naturally.
If you've give up on your medical doctor or prescriptions,
or they seem to have given up on you, give Bodyscan2010 a try,
call 1 -718 - 627 - 7272

It's smart to first learn more about whatever ails you.
So, when you consult with Dr. Cohen or anyone else,
you'll be better equipped to make better health decisions.
That has a long-term habit of leading to better health results.
Let's feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
Pay for the Best Path To Longevity without spending a dime! Talk about mutual benefit!!

Reminder From the Best Path To Longevity
Keep in mind at all times that even great healers do not heal or cure people.
That's right: neither drugs nor doctors actually heal or cure anyone at all:
That's why some patients die from taking a drug that has helped others.
Every one of us is different, and great healers clearly recognize this.

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