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Every single dollar you now spend on, say, coffee at $50 per gallon,
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Each discretionary dollar you invest today does grow.
In fact, it tends to multiply repeatedly, and it's yours.
Stop shoving quite so much garbage into yourself.
You need not deny yourself much of anything.
Simply reduce your waste by ten percent.
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You don't have to understand why.
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Heed those who do.

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Healing Yourself Naturally and Developing Wealth Have Common Traits

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Healing Yourself Naturally and Developing Wealth Have Common Traits

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Healing Yourself Naturally - A Decision

No matter what happens in your life,
no matter where you go or what you do,
every sunrise brings you 1,440 new opportunities.
Learn this, friend; it already is one of your greatest powers.
Like a nail on a shelf that bangs no nails into the wall until picked up,
the hundreds or thousands of powers and skills at your disposal are only potential.
Potential means close to nothing until it is potentiated; until it is transmogrified into action.

As you may have noticed, the Best Path To Longevity is all about healing yourself naturally.