Healthiest Cures? Surprise yourself.

Natural cures prove to be the healthiest.
These healthiest cures work better, naturally.
The healthiest natural cures safely make us feel better.
Take dangerous chemicals, or first try several Healthiest cures?
You tell us every single pharmaceutical drug has nasty side effects?
You claim natural cures and foods to be free of side effects whatsoever?
You aim to pay or authorize payment of tens of thousands of dollars for drugs?
You say that the approach involving healthiest cures is just a thousand dollars or so?
Forgive my innate preference for natural cures. Only as a last resort will I consider drugs.
Seven years after being told I was a full-blown diabetic, I have never taken a dose of insulin.
Only rarely have the tiny tell-tale shakes associated with sugar imbalance ever shown themselves.
Why? That's easy: diet and stress management; eating foods that that feel good: vegetables, fruit, water.
Learning not to sweat the small stuff, and understanding that everything is small stuff, it's become a richer life.
Told by two doctors that only surgery could stop the prostate pain, but would leave me impotent and using diapers,
I chose to acquire ten bottles of concentrated saw palmetto and ten bottles of betasitesterol. Maybe two hundred dollars.
That gear-slipping, groin-gripping pain was gone in twenty minutes, and that was a decade ago. Boo-hoo to naysayers.
Why so many men fall victim to greedy men and women who actually cut their patients into incontinence, impotence,
is really quite easy to understand: the pain absolutely overwhelms even the memory of a once-shattered spine.
Nevertheless, there are people who do not want men to know about this fantastically simple approach.
It merits noting that the concentrated saw palmetto and the betasitosterol don't heal you!
They simply correct some imbalances in the system that cause swelling and pain.
Dealing with causes rather than symptoms has twenty times the usefulness.
Why don't you wise up? There are hundreds of natural cures for us all.
You don't need to become a medical or naturopathic expert.
Learn about what ails you. Seek out healthier alternatives.
You only need to study whatever is bothering YOU.
Here's the Best Path To Longevity guarantee:
Whatever ails you, someone's had it before!
Someone has found natural cures for it.
On that foundation, start searching.
Natural cures exist for all of us.
With the help of technology,
natural cures really work.
Learn more. Live more.
You might give more,
at your healthiest!
Talk less, do more.
That's a shortcut.
Do it once more,
doing so now,

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In fact, by the time you have engaged in a thousand separate tiny acts that save a life,
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If you are not at the top of your game, shattering world records or living your dream today,
you must understand that no one in their right mind is going to very largely respect your opinion.
The people who live the healthiest, and wealthiest, naturally, are the people we champion and imitate.
It is not natural for children to starve to death, not when there is more than enough food in the world now.

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Help Yourself With The Best Path To Longevity

Stop making excuses for mediocrity. Healing naturally begins with what you eat.
Put more greens and reds into your body: raw, and washed personally by you or one you love.

Stop forming opinions - in health and every other area of life - until you develop mastery.
MisterShortcut learned to shatter world records by keenly heeding masters and champions.
Hundreds of world records broken or shattered every year pay testament to those pioneers.
Among the most brilliant things you can ever do is to use your eyes and ears twice as much.
You have two ears, one mouth, two eyes, one mouth, and yet you use your mouth twice as much.
By re-learning what you knew as a child, what comes into your mind doubles again and again.
You knew as a child to use your eyes and ears twice as much as you used your one mouth.
This one act literally increases and expands your intelligence, and problem-solving skills.
The Best Path To Longevity assures you a natural expansion of your results this way.
Mastery is natural to all humans, it comes as a natural use of your greatest shortcuts.
Who smashes a thousand of MisterShortcut's world records can start to know more.
Until then, heed this promise: My greatest shortcut is passing power shortcuts on!
You CAN develop mastery at a rapid pace - by learning something new every day.
It is easy, it is natural, it is a rapid shortcut, just learning one new fact per day.
You can learn one new fact per day, or you can learn one hundred per day.
The number that you choose between 1 and 100 determines your speed.
So You really determine your speed by how much you decide to learn.
Get it through your head: Excellence is a choice, not a given talent.
Use your natural methods, ala the Best Path To Longevity, etc.
Embrace the secrets of the Best Path To Longevity to win.
They are all natural functions of our most natural efforts.
You get to win on purpose when you live on purpose.
Remember, there are countless edifying resources.
Natural shortcuts tend to be the best of shortcuts,
and are to be found all over the internet today.
Even tiny actions, repeated, return manifold.
Those who do it best prove to know it best.
Until that is you, imitate the ones who do.
SUM = ask more times, do it more times.

While we do not always get what we want in life,
it is natural and normal to get most of what we expect.

If you search for the best natural shortcuts, you will find plenty of the best natural shortcuts.
It is a natural consquence of making a regular and repeat habit of making use of shortcuts.
Knowing in advance that you get what you expect gives you free opportunity to reach up.
Stop passing up so many opportunities, for you are beginning to appear quite foolish.
What you do shouts louder than what you say, so please, do not tell us, S H O W   us.
Better yet, show the face in the closest mirror that you can do it more than before.
This assures you a natural progression into your healthiest, wealthiest states.

Set aside the artificial:
Pursue the most natural of answers to obtain the most natural of results.

Healthiest Natural Cures?

The healthiest natural cures are not alternative.
To the logical mind, “alternative” refers to modern medicine,
which is offered as an alternative to successful, less expensive naturality.
When you combine the world’s oldest technologies with the newest,
the benefits yielded are more than just powerful and effective.
As well, this mix turns out to be remarkably inexpensive.

Do you honestly believe your M.D. wants inexpensive answers?
For centuries, doctors were at the highest rank of community.
If they were paid in eggs or I.O.U.’s now and again,
they always thrived in fat times and in lean ones,
as long as they kept their congregants healthy.
Today, such considerations do not come into play.
Three in a hundred doctors are holy, and, no, not yours.
Such doctors are knee-deep in patients, too busy for fame.
Their pursuit of wealth is found in better focus than dollars.
They end up getting paid most among their putative brethren,
in a currency too complex to be counted by today’s allopaths.
Since all antacids prove to one mega-billion-dollar hoaxathon,
how many other natural facts does your doctor not share?
"Doc" told you oil of oregano naturally defeats infection?
The wisest decision of all is to be your own top doctor.
Before 100 days of learning only three facts per day,
you'll (narrowly) know far more than your MD does.
This applies to even the most complicated issues.
No doc knows more than 100 facts of one issue.
Learn more that you might live and give more.
Water, salt, bulk, bacteria, and unheated oil.
These are five master secrets of Longevity.
Air-dried sea salt, a spoon-plus per day.
Water, ounces in each waking hour!
Air, deeper than you did yesterday.
Unheated oil on everything it fits.
Live as I have, so sweetly,
with just five secrets.
Now you have it.
Use all five.

Healthiest Natural Cures Are Proven With Life

Healthiest natural cures? The healthiest natural cures are the healthiest natural PREVENTIONS.
The healthiest natural cures are the healthiest natural NUTRITIONS. Stick with them for Longevity.
All sourcing for these healthiest natural cures are from those living stronger longer, and naturally.

Those living stronger & longer tend to know how they can live stronger for longer, we can agree?
They walk their talk, they are “the horse’s mouth.” Elsewise do we find the wrong end of the horse.
The healthiest natural cure might be the wisdom that raw food comes with digestive enzymes built in.
Food heated over 108 degrees no longer has any digestive enzymes, further taxing your low reserves.
Learn more - three facts daily - so you can live more, increasing a likelihood that you will also give more.
As long as our healthiest natural cures yield up, you are obligated to pay your way by helping the helpless.
A healthy adult has some seven pounds of good, live-giving bacteria. Kefir promotes them, so do probiotics.
Almost all superior Longevity information, your healthiest natural cures, are found in these five potent secrets.
All great wisdom of the world is found within the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity, for you.
Read between the lines, because many of your PowerGems and HealthGems are literally hidden right in plain sight.

Natural Shortcuts Serve Us Naturally

How inspiring! Five words there, and look how many different meanings naturally occur.
Please avoid perceiving this statement as one of excessively natural simplicity, for it's not.
Healthiest shortcuts, particularly those proven to work over the course of thousands of years,
serve us in ways that exceed the purpose for which you used that natural shortcut to start.
Most natural shortcuts, such as making sure you get air-dried sea salt into you every day,
serve us on a full range of issues, such as we find in the daily use of air-dried sea salt.
Did you know you need salt to provide hydrochloric acid, which disinfects filthy food?
Sure, the chloride fraction of salt (sodium chloride) is the basis for hydrochloric acid.
Not the disgusting, overheated, trash salt sold in most stores: Air-dried sea salt only.
Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is a natural way to protect your liver from rotting, rotted food.
Naturally, you were not meant to eat much rotting meat, chichen, etc., and never were,
so it is natural to expect that you will prematurely expire your capacity to produce HCL.
By the time you eat 20,000 or so cooked meals, you no longer produce full doses of HCL.
That's why it is so critical to supplement with HCL, using it every time you eat cooked food.
Adding potassium (tomato-based) supplements to it bring methyl groups back to your cells.
These literally eat the damage that causes aging, so learn to use HCL and activator with food.
It must be natural HCL, derived from a natural source, best among them the good, natural beet.
When you use natural sources, you benefit your DNA in the long-term, versus unnatural sources.
Beet-sourced HCL is the only natural HCL known to the Best Path To Longevity, so go learn more.
More energy and better digestion, better elimination, better weight control, no more tooth tartar, etc.
All of these natural states get re-engaged or at least re-encouraged when you use natural-source HCL.
Natural shortcuts abound, hm? Not a one of us need to believe silly shortcuts posted all over the internet.
Learn more so that you can live more. Look for natural shortcuts, we can bet you will find natural shortcuts.
You like natural shortcuts? Drink unheated extra virgin olive oil to oil your bones and skin from the inside out.
Add olive oil as a natural habit to every food it naturally fits. It is a delicious master natural shortcut of Longevity.
Remember that those who do it the best prove to know it the best when they repeatedly prove the natural shortcuts.

Expressway of Shortcuts and Best Path To Longevity Offer MANY Hidden Corners

Peek into all the nooks and crannies of the Expressway of Shortcuts and Best Path To Longevity,
and rapidly accelerate your results in approximately everything that you set your mind to doing better.
Even one percent improvement every day, provided you never take a day off, and mastery is yours for life.
If you are going to reach the upper rungs of your own ladder-of-life, you must first imitate those who already do.
millions & millions of unique pages, carrying the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

The Expressway of Shortcuts is all about universal shortcuts for total winning.

Who does it best proves that they know it best. The Expressway of Shortcuts imitates them.
If your intention and actions are all about total winning, you multiply chances of succeeding.
We can't be in a state of totally winning without plans, and hunger to put those plans in action.
People do NOT win races by accident, certainly not the races of life itself, aiming to excel DAILY.

When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to PowerGems and Shapelinks, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.

EnergyVials and BrainVials, MagicalTape and the world's first SuperchargedLaser, all from the amazing MisterShortcut,
delivering unto you all the best of the Best Path To Longevity and Expressway of Shortcuts, helping you to help yourself.

To gaze into the very heart of MisterShortcut serves up Megaphotons, the most powerful image of all time.

Get More Energy From Food - Use FoodBoosters!

The Best Path To Longevity presents many of the fantastic, inventive devices wrought by MisterShortcut.

The world's first supercharged cold lasers and Qvials, to the newer EnergyVials, MagicalTape, and more,
including FoodBoosters, the world's first guaranteed method of boosting energy in food, instantly provable,
wherein EVERY food and drink (or the container they are in) can be touched by the tiny FoodBoosters, briefly,
to make that food and drink test stronger using the one-second bidigital test most often referred to as "QRA test."

The Best Path To Longevity recommends that you never again, as long as you live, EVER eat or drink anything without FoodBoosters.
Simply touch the tiny glass FoodBoosters vial to the plate, cup, glass, even styrofoam mugs(!), to reverse electrical pollution, and more.

Make an O-ring with your right thumb and finger, and have someone else pry it apart just to see how strong or weak you are. It's that easy.
Now, let's find out if that food is going to benefit YOU PERSONALLY. Pick up a piece of food, and hold it against your chest with your left-hand.
Have someone else gently pry the O-ring on your right hand. That's it. If it will weaken you, you will be unable to hold the O-ring tightly closed.
If that food is going to energize and benefit you, it will be easy for you to hold the O-ring closed, easy to resist gentle attempts to pry it open.

If you are sensitive or allergic to a particular food, you will find it impossible to keep your O-ring closed when the food is close to or inside you.
The Best Path To Longevity promises & guarantees that FoodBoosters fixes BOTH problems that present, when using this easy one-second test.

- The second test is not how it will affect you personally, energy-wise, rather, simply a test of food having high or low levels of energy. Try this now:

- Have someone test the O-ring on your right hand: Your thumb, and any finger you can hold closed, but can be slightly separated with gently prying.
Tap the food against the table 10x to imitate the stress that your digestive system will place on that food when you eat it. Can your food take stress?

The answer is, of course, "NO!" Very, VERY rarely can any commercial food in the U.S. ever pass the test you are now doing to test the food's energy.

As soon as you tap the food 10x on the table, quickly hold it as far from your body, in a two-finger pinch, with your left hand, as you test right-hand O-ring.
We've never found a commercial food in the U.S. that tests strong when gently tapped 10x... until it is touched by the Best Path To Longevity FoodBoosters.

No need to believe a word of this. Test food yourself, any food, and do the test ten times. Results are always the same.
Once you touch the FoodBoosters to the food or beverage, you can stress-tap that food 10x or 100x, it will ALWAYS test strong.

Unconditional money-back guarantee: ANYTHING that tests weak (using BDORT or QRA or CRA testing) will test stronger with FoodBoosters.

Enjoy our FoodBoosters videos at and at, such as


Repetition and diversity are real to the Expressway of Shortcuts and Best Path To Longevity,
which partly explains why some energy videos have overlapping info from other energy videos.
You can find even more of our video explanations and presentations at
We HIGHLY recommend and urge you to read the extensive descriptions at each of our YouTube videos.
Repetition is the mother of all skill, as Tony Robbins taught, which is integral to the Expressway of Shortcuts.

Allow the Best Path To Longevity and Expressway of Shortcuts to show you the way to bring on out the best in you.
Having more energy is a huge start, and, when you can get much, MUCH more energy from the food amounts you eat,
then logic is well-served in asseverating that the amount of food needed to boost energy is likely to drop sharply.
With all the many features of the FoodBoosters, the most common feedback is, "I'm eating much less food."
Getting more energy from less food is a Best Path To Longevity goal. FoodBoosters provides that fully.
Better energy from food is just one reason the Best Path To Longevity is a "healthiest webiste."