One Shortcut

Humanity's first artwork with thousands of hand-crafted colors.

A more than a million unique pages, hundreds of thousands of mirror pages.
Tens of thousands of digital art creations from one pair of prolific hands,
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One Shortcut at

One Shortcut. That's what this is all about.
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The idea of is for you to focus your better shortcuts on bigger things.
Browse throughout the site.     Enjoy the EyeCandy.     Then, let's get busy.

As you cruise through The Best Path To Longevity and all the related MisterShortcut sites,
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At least one of those shortcuts is going to really grab your interest.   No maybe's about it.
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Let your brilliance shine through.
Succeed now with one shortcut.
One magnificent shortcut.

Okay, since you DID make it this far,
it's only fair to let you in, right?