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One of life's preciouscertainties is the known that you can do something better one time every twelve tries.
This one secret of success doubles the yield and income, and accelerates the result in every area of human endeavor.

It is a perfect shortcut of life - a PowerGem. How dare you question ALL of those you most admire?

We sometimes hear or read about people who enjoy playing ten or twenty games of chess at the same time. One played fifty at a time.
Thanks to the geniuses who design and improve computers and the technology that drives them, MisterShortcut adapted and adopted.
Using three, four, or five computers at a time is so exciting because each computer can now do multiple tasks simultaneously.
By investing one thousand of the best, most focused minutes imaginable, it was determined that speed is still relative.
If you have ever invested a thousand of your greatest minutes, you stand a chance of seriously understanding.
You see, these Shapelinks, and the PowerGems they lead to, are the result of such a thousand minutes.
Thanks to humans who improve things for other people, MisterShortcut invested those 1,000 minutes.
The difference is that he had the good fortune to do so on each of more than five thousand days.
Instead of counting years or lives or paychecks, the focus was one 10,000 minutes each week,
with every single possible minute focused on beating out the previous minute with excellence.
That's how you may count more than five million of the best MisterShortcut could bring you.
All done in burning rage that the have's are determined to foment death and starvation.
Love of money is that primeval evil your Mom tried to tell you about, or so we hope.
MisterShortcut broke or shattered many world records, including some right here,
just to show you how fantastically prolific shortcuts make any human effort.
The best way to get prevent further and future kakistocratic dominance,
the fastest way to ee table odds, is to spread the best words.
Let those who are hungry heed the call of masters before them.
Those who do it the best know it the best; all others be still.
PowerGems are the secrets and shortcuts of masters.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Because those who do it better know it better.
Should you possess both brains and heaing,
hear the call of the best we know is in you.
Begin your Best Path To Longevity.

http://www. Mister-Shortcut.info
http://www. Mister-Shortcut.biz

Thousands of Shapelinks and WaveRings, RingWaves, WingRaves and other EyeCandy bits.
all from one pair of hands thanks to our tens of thousands of dedicated computer people.
Eighty thousand who have achieved mastery or something very close to true mastery.
As you see with all MisterShortcut EyeCandy sites, Shapelinks come in chunks.
Where you do need to invest seconds looking for these great PowerGems,
be sure you never forget that PowerGems literally exist in each page.
The more you look, the more you find in these half-million delights.
For all of the mirror or duplicate pages that exist or once did,
500,000 are unique creations, divided into 1,089 websites.
Shapelinks, entertaining and interactive as they may be,
are but enticements into the Best Path To Longevity,
filled with the staggering shortcuts of great power.
PowerGems work for every one with one brain.
When you do not use them enough times,
PowerGems will not yield prolifically.
Using your PowerGems 100 times,
you are absolutely guaranteed,
ten times your money back,
to see magic happening.
If you knew it better,
you'd do it better.
Since you don't,
better to shh.
Look more.

Those who do it better have a tendency to know it better. Shapelinks lead to the shortcuts of those who do.

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