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You're about to jump into one of the most exciting adventures a human being can take:
the journey into excellence. These are the words and methods of those doing it better than the vast majority of the unwashed.
You can like it or not, as you see fit. These ARE the words and methods of those doing it better.... better than you, friend.
Time to talk less, and do more. Will you trade that for health, wealth, and Longevity ?

Less talk, more action.     No time like the present to start clicking.
When you hit "dead" links, not to worry; I've built you over a thousand websites,
many at free webhosts, many at paid hosts.
It is expected to take some time before these works and words pass on into nothingness.
Grab them while they're still alive; most importantly, while YOU'RE still alive.
Learn more, live more, and, of course, give more.

The greatest shortcuts to success - leaders and achievers - our best role models
Masters and Millionaires
Best Path To Longevity To Success
Learn how to succeed faster with the best shortcuts of our winners and role models

Who can possibly advance YOUR interests better than you can? You claim you need a coach. Ok, here -- you have a coach.
You say a need a cheerleader, fan club, and someone to kick you in the tail. Okay, here you go: one applauding, cheering, kicking fan and coach.
Any other excuses? You CANNOT fairly state that you're lacking the tools, because these pages prove you do indeed have them,
that you have all that it takes to build a winning set of circumstances... ... better circumstances for you and yours.   Time enough for jaw-jacking.... let's get busy, hm?

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Engage your own greatest winning streak using more of what you have.
With so many hundreds of powerful shortcuts in front of you,
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added to the fantastic access to internet we enjoy today,
you must stop making excuses for mediocrity.
Reach for more today,
end up with more.

You already use shortcuts every day. Now, grab the Best Path To Longevity on purpose - repeatedly

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the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity filled with YOUR healthiest shortcuts to Longevity

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the Best Path To Longevity is your Best Path To Longevity,
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Showing us what you can do is so much more impressive than telling us what you can do.
Do you agree that you've only achieved the smallest fraction of why you live and breathe?

the Best Path To Longevity is a living, breathing organism within you that believes in you,
without known limits, because cybernetics makes it crystal-clear: only YOU can set limits.

With several million unpaid minutes of superlative focus building the Best Path To Longevity
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When is it your turn to enjoy a better life?   Any reason to wait?

Using any one or more PowerGems within the Best Path To Longevity, repeatedly,
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the Best Path To Longevity is part of the mother of all sites,
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