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It's important to stay focused on the fact that this genuinely is the most powerful day of your life, and it's to your distinct advantage to realize this.
You cannot take action yesterday or tomorrow; it's simply not possible. This is the only day that we can take the actions that promote our interests,
that brings us closer to the achievement of ANY or every desire or goal or wish ... ... or hope.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, which we know because we call it... "the present."
That's just what it is; a present; a gift... a 24-hour gift you may invest or fritter, as you see fit.
Tap into your best shortcuts today, because there is no better day to excel,
no better day to use effective shortcuts to your personal and professional benefit.

Go for your gold!
Again, you're reminded that I believe in you SO MUCH that I invested more than 52,000 hours into you
More than FIFTY THOUSAND pro bono hours because you are the hope of the future,
YOU are the force and influence to counteract the greed of just five hundred and seventy-some men and women who own or control some
seventy percent of all the cash on earth, who are clearly determined to keep it for themselves.

You? You're something different, and the majority of people who are tuned into this type of self-enrichment and self-empowerment
tend to be just a bit more interested in mutuality versus selfish pursuits only.

This does NOT mean you should not ever be selfish; that's inane and unreasonable.
It is simply a powerful reminder that the best way to serve YOUR interests best
is to serve the interests of others. The laws of physicians will not fail you, ever.
Newton's Third Law is perhaps the one of greatest interest to you personally,
because its power is both undeniable and mathematically secure:
The more you give, the more you receive. Sorry to sound corny,
it is perfect truth.   The truth that will set you free today,
the truth that will empower and enrich you beyond your dreams, now and always.
Please feed people who are hungrier than you; you'll be amply repaid.

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Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
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Well, you're fresh out of excuses for not accelerating your results as immediately as most of us may ever hope for.
The techniques and methods, the secrets and shortcuts to success at the Best Path To Longevity,
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Reach for more inside of yourself and you will be astonished at what is inside of you,
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the Best Path To Longevity is YOUR Best Path To Longevity,
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Showing us what you can do is so much more impressive than telling us what you can do.
Do you understand that you've only achieved the tiniest fraction of why you are here at all?
With several million unpaid minutes of superlative focus building the Best Path To Longevity
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When is it your turn to enjoy a better life?   Any reason to wait?
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the Best Path To Longevity is a part of the mother of all websites,
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Free for your life, MisterShortcut hopes you find
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spread throughout hundreds of thousands
of unique web pages created for YOU
by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
the Godfather of EyeCandy,

Top doctors around the world agree on certain facets of alternative medicines and alternative remedies.

One facet of alternative medicines and the simplest alternative remedies is that they are in fact safer, and healthier for the body.
This is not to be disputed. On this basis alone, the Best Path To Longevity, and Dr. Cohen, urge you to learn more.
Consult with experts, get second and third opinions, beginning with a grounding in alternative remedies.
Medicines that are considered "alternative" versus those that are chemically-based, or allopathic?
No comparison. In every test you ever look at, the alternative medicines proved to be safer.
That should be the first consideration for anyone comparing allopathic and naturopathic.
Alternative medicines are healthier and safer, earning the right to be used first, hm?
If your doctor or other health consultant advises you to use the chemicals?
That's when you seek your second and third and fourth opinions.
Meanwhile, continue with alternative medicines and remedies.
We know that they cannot hurt in the process of looking.
Look to find your answers wherever it may lead you.
You are smart to start with alternative medicines.
The Best Path To Longevity is based on the lives and actions of long-lived people, living stronger for longer.
The more you engage your own Best Path To Longevity, the more the Best Path To Longevity engages your best health.