My One True Love - A love letter that is true for my one true love - by MisterShortcut

My one true love, my one true love

My one true love, my one true love who deserves a love letter more than you?
Through turbulent nights of worry and waiting,
endless days of yearning unabated; my one true love, my one true love,
how those words light me up from the Heavena above.

I've played and delayed, I've toyed and enjoyed,
with lovers aplenty there still yawned a void.
Never relenting, loneliness presenting, all before my own true love.

Sparkles and crackles, lightning and thunder,
my one true love brought the meaning of wonder.
A dozen, a score, a hundred and more,
Yea I've trod the boards of love,
my one true love set their memories asunder
with a show of the stars that I'm blessed to be under,
for my one true love, my one true love,
is the only one tonight I'll be dreaming of,

Decades of cramming, hamming and scamming,
decocting a life of adventures.
my one true love outlasted them all,
with interest far greater than the strongest debentures.
For the years will come and the years will go,
my one true love has stolen the show.
There'll be no encores for this ladies' man,
Yet our theater of life, this strong, shall stand.
For an audience of one, to play to each night
eagerly clapping for more.
For my one true love, my one true love,
has the only key to the door.

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It simply means that many of the things we do appear invisible,
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Most of all, it's for my one true love, my one true love.