How I Have Indisputably Established Your Personal Stupidity
... As Suicidal As Any Other Fact Of Life

Eighty percent of all that you believe is easily proven false. You are so dead wrong is any number of ways it is challenging to know where to start, so we begin with life, health, and Longevity, the basis of all else.

More than ninety-five percent of all humans who take this sentence in are absolutely, just one-conditionally guaranteed to have a diseased liver and gallbladder. Although, the Best Path To Longevity believes the number is actually above ninety-nine percent, your mind is hardly trained to process "ninety-nine percent."

Since there is no way that you can fairly claim even one in a hundred people have practiced correct diet in each and all of their decades and years and days of living, you cannot scientifically estimate liver disease at below ninety-nine percent. Nevertheless, to soothe your too-undeveloped mind, we’ll start with ninety-five percent. That means this group of people is nearly certain to include you. Let’s keep it simple so that even you can understand how fantastically stupid you continue to demonstrate your actions to be.

A spoonful of sugar entering the stomach neutralizes all hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which brings an eighty percent reduction in your body’s ability to process your food and withdraw the nutrition from it. Neutralization of the hydrochloric acid in your stomach instantaneously and grievously prevents the liver from producing the precise amount and proportions of various substances, including enzymes and other vital fluids. This interruption further reduces the amount of nutrition you extract from the food. These sets of responses aggrieve your situation by causing the gallbladder to misfire and malfunction. You’d think that’s enough, right? How much sugar do you take in each year? Your liver has never once had a rest in all of these years. Give it a rest and help it return to top functionality. It’s the only organ that regenerates itself.

  1. If you attach ten taps to an ear of corn, you can tap all day, and you will never see a drop of syrup. There is no such thing as corn syrup. It is a processed, artificial substance, deadlier than ninety-nine percent of all the liquids on earth. There has never been anything healthy about corn syrup. Every drop of corn syrup entering your body does what sugar does, on a significantly larger scale. Do you think you can guess how much corn syrup you eat each year? Your liver NEVER gets a break.
  2. Despite thousands of pieces of evidence, from arrested FDA commissioners to two of every three people leaving the F.D.A going or returning to work for companies they had just been regulating, you demonstrate painfully, exquisitely lethal stupidity in believing that the government is going to protect you from corporations perfectly comfortable selling poisons that now kill more people than any other cause on earth, including tobacco and illegal drugs combined and multiplied. Did you even know Congress authorized 15,000 chemicals to be added to your foods without being listed on the ingredient label? Optimism and kind-heartedness in yourself is not to be confused with the indisputably greedy actions of others. Nothing on this planet takes the place of your own actions. Transforming your stupidity into intelligence will be demonstrated in the next meal you eat, the next call you make.
  3. You believe that drugs, such as statins, can help you to live longer by reducing your cholesterol.

This does not establish stupidity on your part; only your enormous ignorance. If and only if you can truly shut your mouth and all other externally-directed resources in order to pay attention, your understanding of your own body will take vast leaps forward in the next few minutes. Every prescription drug for cholesterol sometimes causes heart attacks, and can NEVER prevent one.

Eliminating bad cholesterol from your body is guaranteed to kill you faster. Cholesterol is the mother of all enzymes. Without both low-density and high-density cholesterol, your body cannot hope to function normally, or even, for that matter, for any extended period of time. Balancing your cholesterol is the way to help clean the mess you’ve made of your cardiac system by eating foods only ignorant OR stupid OR self-destructive people eat, if you’ll pardon the repetition. That does not state or imply you should never eat fried foods or anything touched by another human; only that these should be treats, not daily habits.

Whatever else you choose to eat, we can pluperfectly and without reservation assert with certitude that anyone not eating a dozen or more fruits and vegetables per day – raw, lightly cooked, or juiced, has to be described as either stupid, ignorant, or starving. As for the ignorance, we’ve just fixed that problem.

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