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to feed the starving people all around the world.


Refuah Vechaim is only helping you to feed thousands of starving people per day.
It's just not enough, with 24,000 people starving to death every day.
Not when you know that something like 18,000 children UNDER FIFTEEN die every day.

24,000 human beings die every day from starvation and MALNUTRITION

You can save a life 24 hours per day with just a click of your mouse

 no cost no charge to you.


Corporate sponsors pay for 1.1 cups of food when you

click through the FOOD buttons at thehungersite from any of Dr. David Cohen’s websites.

Please remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.
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Yep.   By clicking this and the following food buttons, you really do help to save a human life...
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