With over   SEVEN  MILLION  U.S. millionaires, our goal is for 70,000 people just like you to become
masters & millionaires... ... a mere one percent increase... ... at accelerated speeds.
The words and methods you'll use are from the mouths of
5,200 masters, millionaires, and billionaires... ...interviewed one at a time.

You can no longer say that you can't or don't know how to make your dream come true.

At a book or more per day x 16,000+ days, MisterShortcut has read more than any human in history,
guiding him to break many world records.
This fantastic collection of shortcuts, called PowerGems, is presented for you personally.
1,089-plus sites are permanently free because someone believes in you.

Live as you are... or reach out for dreams and desires, goals & achievements

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The Best Path To Longevity aims to be the internet's largest personal empowerment website, with 1,000,000 unique web pages

All rights reserved for those who reach out to starving people.

For now, you can feed people with two free clicks

Your free clicks make you a hero of the Best Path To Longevity        
In loving memory of Mnsgr Bernie Kellogg, of blessed memory,
from a definitively dedicated student, knoas Mr. Shortcutcut.
Thanks, honors, and praise to the rather holy Paul Newman, who slowly earned
more than hundreds of millions of dollars in his years...
then invested it in food to feed the starving people of the world. Kudos to Mr. Newman.

Self-help through the net's largest natural health and natural healing website, the Best Path To Longevity
Designed for you to live stronger for longer, naturally, The Best Path To Longevity is all about you.
As for the Best Path To Longevity, all of these empowering and exciting websites of EyeCandy & more,
exist because you are a valuable, important human being.
Fact is, there is a mathematical need to recognize, like it or not,
that you may be one of the thousand of each generation,
one thousand very unique humans,
who truly change the world for you by Mister-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy, for you to succeed faster,
for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at The Best Path To Longevity.
With much love, Mister-Shortcut

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Shapetalk.org - Assenting that "organization" is a relative word, Shapetalk is presented with SOME measure of organization at Shapetalk.org - Enjoy, learn, and do, more
Shapetalk.biz - 1st name of MisterShortcut's game is shortcuts, often delivered through shapetalk. If your biz is Shapetalk, then it makes sense to head over to Shapetalk.biz
Shapetalking.net - If the Best Path To Longevity does not merit a shapetalking network, if the Best Path To Longevity earns no shapetalking network, then who fairly does?
Shapetalks.com - 1st collection of wisdom-rich Shapetalks. EyeCandy presentations of the PowerGems that constitute the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity

Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Best Path To Longevity, and to a lesser degree, the Best Path To Longevity,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

Shapelinks.US - Self-descriptive, Shapelinks are Best Path To Longevity interactive EyeCandy hotlinks guiding us into the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity
Shapelinks.net - When building a network of Shapelinks, it helps to have Best Path To Longevity EyeCandy Wisdom to enjoy the formative moments of a Shapelinks network
Shapelinks.org - As an ad hoc organization formed many years ago, the Best Path To Longevity ought to organize Shapelinks into Shapelinks coherence, wouldn't you say?
Shapelink.info - For further information on Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity, follow the sweet eyecandy hotlinks at www.Shapelink.info now
Shortcut.name - Referring to the Best Path To Longevity, the name of the game is shortcuts, the game of life, personified, vitalized, by YOUR Best Path To Longevity
Shortcuts.me - When embracing the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity with fullest ardor, shortcuts do become me - delightful one-word domain
Shortcuts.me.uk - Demonstrating that great shortcuts are universal, from the UK to every other place where the Best Path To Longevity is adopted - embraced
Shortcuts.name - Godfather of EyeCandy, Godfather of Shortcuts - surely the Best Path To Longevity is inclined toward this domain as its one true name
www-Shortcuts.com - AOL paid $1mm for www.Shortcuts.com, while the Best Path To Longevity found www-Shortcuts.com for dollars.
www.Success-Shortcuts.com - Excellence cannot happen accidentally with success shortcuts from your Best Path To Longevity
www.Success-Shortcuts.net - Sharing the Best Path To Longevity Success Network with others is our primary intention


Shortcuts unto shortcuts from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the health and wealth we might still deserve,
the wealth worth more than fine orchids.
Health, of course, is true wealth,
its theft so often done in stealth.
When you have one, you get the other,
and without it is worse than having no mother.

Shortcuts from other shortcuts, that's what we see,
both the Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity.


EyeCandy Reasons At The Best Path To Longevity

Delightful EyeCandy treats found strewn throughout the Best Path To Longevity.
While the EyeCandy Shapetalk, et alia, have primary purposes, there is always more.
Beyond the EyeCandy, deliciously interactive as it is, find your omnipotent PowerGems.
Such PowerGems are master secrets of YOUR universe; They are here, as your reward.
Seek all through the Best Path To Longevity, seek PowerGems on every page.
The EyeCandy is to please and also entice you, and to distract the lame.
Those who work to get to forums such as this paragraph are special,
meriting the right to comprehend the Best Path To Longevity.
The Best Path To Longevity comes to you from the best,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Those who do it best tend to know it best, right?
That's where the Best Path To Longevity is,
between you, and our great role models.
From today, imitate the champions.
Do as they do, and you'll see:
You get to where they get.

Embrace your own sense of the Best Path To Longevity, and use your PowerGems.
Enjoy the vehicle of interactive EyeCandy used to bring you to PowerGems.
From this day onward, you count your 1,000 discretionary minutes per day.
Divide them into pieces as you see fit, ALWAYS writing your goals.
As rarely as you get to finish your list, it is the fastest way.
You must write out your goals for tomorrow, so you greet the dawn with your map.
Until you have done this perhaps one hundred times, you will never know its profits.
As long as you live, never greet the dawn without a map, and you'll never under-achieve.
If you truly believe there is anything great in you waiting for "someday" to occur, it is here.

"Someday" is today.
Get busier, in this day, NOW!.
Ask more human beings for help.
The more people whom you repeatedly ask,
the more "yesses" and the more results you glean.
It is the master secret of self-made multi-millionaires.
Shhhh. Stop pretending you know more than multi-millionaires.
In the next 100 days, ask hundreds of people... and you will see.

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One-Shortcut.com -   One-Shortcut To Boost Almost Everything You Do
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Doctor-Shortcut.info -   Doctor-Shortcut Helps You Help Yourself - Best Path To Longevity and Best Path To Longevity
 DoctorShortcut Edifies Us So YOU Can Help Yourself More Effectively... and then the helpless, too
Mister-Shortcut.com -   Mister-Shortcut - Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts With The Best in Self-Empowerment.
Mr-Shortcuts.info -  Mr-Shortcuts Invites And Inveigles You Into Your Own Best Path To Longevity Of Masters and Millionaires
MrShortcut.info -   MrShortcut - Godfather of Shortcuts - With Thousands of Human Skills, Let's Empower You To Empower Yourself
MrShortcut.net -   MrShortcut - Another Delicious MrShortcut Self-Empowerment Site
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1-Shortcut.com -   1-Shortcut May Electrify Your Best Path To Longevity Approach Immediately
1Shortcut.com -   1Shortcut - Always Works - Thus A Best Path To Longevity PowerGem
Shortcuts.Me -   Shortcuts At And From The Best Path To Longevity Are Me... with sharing
Dr-Shortcut.com -   Dr-Shortcut Prescribes More Best Path To Longevity for YOU, too

Dr-Shortcut.info -   Dr-Shortcut Wants You To Help And Heal Yourself Rapidly With The Best Path To Longevity
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MrShortcut.US -   MrShortcut On Self-Empowerment With The Best Shortcuts Known To Or Shared With Humankind
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GreatShortcuts.com -   GreatShortcuts of Champions and Billionaires
BestShortcuts.com -   BestShortcuts of all time - Best Path To Longevity
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Shorcuts.US -   SHORcuts Are Shorter and Sure Shortcuts That Deliver Delightful Results

hortcuts.US     - As with all the other "hortcuts" domains, it all devolves and develops into the shortcuts
S.hortcuts.US -   - Because these PowerGems were brought from the US, while existing across lands and cultures
hortcuts.com     - At the Best Path To Longevity, hortcuts transmogrify into shortcuts, achieved as if by some kind of magic
S.hortcuts.com -   quite conceivably the most delicious PRE-TLD of all time, where hortcuts developed into www.S.hortcuts.com
hortcuts.net     - - because it starts off with great hortcuts, and, with perspiration, can then mature into full-blown Shortcuts!
MisterShortcut.ws -   Another wonderful self-empowerment website from MisterShortcut
1xx0.com -   What can you say about 1xx0? Sweet little domain - most likely for sale
Regulata.com -  Regulata Is The Rule - so buy THIS brandable sweetdomain


The Best Path To Longevity is your top-notch source for self-empowerment shortcuts, with The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These prove to be the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and certainly YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Best Path To Longevity is here for your life.
Shortcuts unlock most every venue on earth, when you train, and use the PowerGems most of all.
Use the best shortcuts within your own Best Path To Longevity, and live your dreams as reality.