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The Internet's Healthiest Website -- bringing you the most effective road to achievement - superior and repeated achievement - PowerGems, the specific words and techniques of top achievers and leaders, winners and champions. Use your best shortcuts and you will see your best results. We are focused on winning here, This is the most empowering personal website in the world. The Best Path To Longevity to Excellence of Masters and Champions, Winners and Role Models, from the empowering Mister Shortcut Eyecandy PowerGems
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It's important to stay focused on the fact that this genuinely is the most powerful day of your life, and it's to your distinct advantage to realize this.
You cannot take action yesterday or tomorrow; it's simply not possible. This is the only day that we can take the actions that promote our interests,
that brings us closer to the achievement of ANY or every desire or goal or wish ... ... or hope.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, which we know because we call it... "the present."
That's just what it is; a present; a gift... a 24-hour gift you may invest or fritter, as you see fit.
Tap into your best shortcuts today, because there is no better day to excel,
no better day to use effective shortcuts to your personal and professional benefit.

Go for your gold!
Again, you're reminded that I believe in you SO MUCH that I invested more than 52,000 hours into you
Tens of thousands of hours invested full-time because you are the hope of the future.
YOU are the force and influence to counteract the greed of just five hundred and seventy-some men and women who own or control some
seventy percent of all the cash on earth, who are clearly determined to keep it for themselves.

You? You're something different, and the majority of people who are tuned into this type of self-enrichment and self-empowerment
tend to be just a bit more interested in mutuality versus selfish pursuits only.

That doesn't mean you can't be selfish.... it just means that people who pursue "better ways," and even, "better shortcuts,"
have shown quite nobly over the years of my life that sharing is good, and a part of your life.

Because of it, you and people like you have engendered my belief that, given a chance, so-called 'average Joes and Janes'
will also excel in the world's of business and money, relationships and mentoring, enjoying the fruits of hard work...
. and sharing them.     Do not fail in the payback syndrome. As you prosper with the Best Path To Longevity, it's fair to expect you to help feed people who are hungrier than you; you'll be amply repaid.
That's a promise and assurance not only of the Best Path To Longevity, it is one of life itself.

Masters and Champions Best Path To Longevity On How To Succeed Faster
... Billionaires Winners and Role Models fantastic shortcuts Everything is about to change for the better, one step at a time. You now begin your greatest winning streak with the Best Path To Longevity The biggest natural healing website ... than my own use, or my students' Excellence achieved with the repeated use of these high-powered Shortcuts : Name 1000 role models of this generation ...
The Internet's healthiest website -- with many of your best health tips and then even more health tips - Millions of unique pages for your better health -- Best Path To Longevity || Healing naturally with one of the greatest doctors of natural medicine. Of all the greatest doctors examined for the purposes of this website, all of the greatest doctors -- those who are the most effective physicians and help more people than they harm -- are not medical doctors. Very shocking. Learn more about the greatest doctors and those who are not so great.Stop wasting time majoring in minors. Let's start using shortcuts immediately.
For example, each day of your life has a certain number of fully wasted minutes,
minutes you can reclaim immediately for far more useful investment on your behalf.
Every time you get into a conversation with someone, take note of what you speak about.
When you find yourself outside of the zone that's most useful to you, shorten your chat.
Wise people discuss ideas, average people discuss events, mediocre people discuss other people.

Doubling your results is a result of doubing your efforts.
It begins with a single improvement of one percent.
Any one percent that is repeated one hundred times reveals more than a doubling of your results!

What a self-empowering start. because talking about other people has little profit.
That doesn't mean you eliminate every minute of just unwinding with a bit of gab.
What it does mean is a reduction of minutes that are perfectly wasteful.
While "perfect" is a nice word, "wasteful" is not quite so.
Most of your minutes are yours to do with as you wish.
By trimming wasteful minutes just a few at a time,
you instantly reap more minutes to wisely use.
Let's make this change effective right now.
Every conversation, keep this in focus.
Every conversation, trim a minute.
This alone returns, over time,
many thousands of minutes.
Think you could use them?

Just days or weeks after consulting with David Cohen, you may well form the opinion that he is,
despite no all-important American medical degree, one of the greatest doctors of our generation.
That's a totally subjective decision, one that is left to the individual, because "greatest doctors" is a powerful phrase, one that should be applied judicioiusly..

In reality, YOU are the greatest doctors, because you and only you can heal you.
the Best Path To Longevity reminds you that it is not the medicines or the doctors or the vitamins, supplements, minerals, or enzymes.
These can only help you to help yourself - help you to heal yourself because it is the actual human system that does the healing, and nothing else.
Best Path To Longevity of Masters and Champions. How to succeed faster with fast, effective Excellent Shortcuts. PowerGems from MisterShortcut. Free for your life.
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Ask better questions and ask better questions, as do masters and millionaires. These are the Effective Shortcuts to success of 5200 Winners and Leaders ... copy. These secrets of success are here for your life, no credit cards or shopping carts in sight... or in-site. You were born and meant to reach for your higher and highest aspirations. It simply makes sense for you to to use the best shortcuts of success that are used by masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. MrShortcut believes in your success, wealth, happiness, health, and more. Such is the Best Path To Longevity
... YOUR shortcuts
to success
How to succeed faster with the greatest and best shortcuts of winners and role models, champions, millionaires and billionaires. successfantastic Shortcuts, free for life. Welcome to the largest natural healing website ever created. The Best Path To Longevity of champions billionaires Winners and Leaders Winners and Role Models Healthiest Secrets of Longevity
Living longer naturally is getting easier with the marriage of timeless wisdom to our expanding technologies.
For the best health tips of long-lived people, the best health tips of those who live stronger longer, it's likely that the Best Path To Longevity qualifies, or certainly may qualify, as the world's healthiest website, or, at least, one of the world's best sources of good health tips. http://www.great-shortcuts.com/page3.html Most Powerful Minute and most powerful book in America - the Best Path To Longevity to Excellence, with YOUR MrShortcut

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... can, too, and will. He's got a Excellence radio show in Colorado. What ... struggle, determination, and success? The way Vinnie Pazienza took ... people These are the Excellence magnificent shortcuts used most frequently by masters ...
How to succeed faster with the greatest and best shortcuts of winners and role models, champions, millionaires and billionaires. Use your most powerful minute with the Best Path To Longevity of Masters and Champions. PowerGems.
http://HealingNaturally.net/minute.html How To Succeed In Business - How To Succeed At Everything Using The Best Path To LongevityEyeCandy PowerGems with the Godfather of EyeCandy

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- with love -

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the Best Path To Longevity is a living, breathing organism within you that believes in you,
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